Technical point on SentyBox!

Hi all

You are likely to request news SentyBox, and specifically a technical point!

So you answer simply, it moves well!

Seriously we are finalizing the startup script that allows your SentyBox to discover your network (such as your internet box and your connected equipment) in order to adapt to your home. This script also allows to adapt if change you ISP (Free, Orange, SFR, Bouygues...) or if you simply pay the housing (or even if you want to go on holiday with him ^^). It is now functional and finalized at 90%.

Side advertising, it works well but we are trying to further improve SentyBox so that it blocked even more intrusive ads.

The filtering, which allows to protect your home from the harmful and hazardous sites (but also sites of violence, pornography etc...), is fully functional.

The TOR feature, which allows you to browse the TOR network is also very functional, you can consult all non-secure sites (sites to http://) in being anonymous for free and just. "It is already working on the future pay-TV offer VPN (virtual private network) that will allow you to subscribe in order to be anonymous and completely free on the internet in one click"

The GUI is made, but we still have to finalize so that you can control your SentyBox of the fingertips!

Now, is progressing well and it is hoped to deliver the first boxes as soon as possible!

Olivier and Gael

"Covered surf!"

Olivier Trouillet

Co-founder of SentyBox.

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3 Responses

  1. sartog says:


    Wishing to set up a proxy in my solution, I came with my research on your project.
    It seems interesting but to the son of these developments, I am a little lost in the final characteristics of the product.
    Personally, I wanted my home put a FT2 with top, a proxy (squid) and Sarg (log analysis) url filtering with squidgard, a genus dnsmasq dns cache (which is dhcp server seems to me), etc.
    Could you confirm that the Sentybox will do all this, or tell me what she will not do?
    Similarly, do you have an expected date of release as well as a rate?

    Thank you in advance for your answers that will allow me to decide me on a solution.

    Best regards and good development.

    • Hello
      Thanks for your interest!
      Concerning SentyBox, the latter simply plugs into the internet box and allows without additional installation of:
      -Filter intrusive advertising
      -Filter the domains and URL pornographic, violent, online games
      -Filter the domains and URL adverse (Phishing, Malware, Spyware, Virus)
      -Do Proxy
      -Parental control
      -Activation at the request of TOR (free) or VPN (paying, upcoming subscription)
      -Updates to the free basics of filtering

      Everything is controllable via a simple and clear web interface.
      Regarding the analysis of logs part it is not intended as a first step but it may come in future updates.
      For more details:

      The product is in phase of completion, we deliver the first boxes in December.

      The selling price will be 99 euros, it will be available for order in late December.

      I hope you answer your questions.

      Kind regards
      The SentyBox team
      "Surf cover"

      • sartog says:


        Thank you for your answers.

        This confirms my interest in your product, I will remain attentive to its placing on the market and wait a bit before investing in a DIY solution.


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