SentyBox Coming Soon…

Hi all

You are more and more to ask "When my SentyBox will be shipped? ", the answer is soon, or as soon as possible! " SentyBox Coming Soon...

We will start deliveries of the first boxes ordered on KickStarter by the end of the month, we will begin with people close to us physically in order to react quickly in the event of malfunction or other bugs of youth.

SentyBox.com_Coming Soon

SentyBox is fully functional, we still need refined, specially for Freebox router (which represents a large part of the french Park!).

We are aware that you want to test SentyBox and we do our best to shipped you quickly!

Thank you for your patience and for your interest!

Olivier and Gael
"Surf protected by SentyBox"

Olivier Trouillet

Co-founder of SentyBox.

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